By focusing on research and development, Peugeot has always adapted to the needs of the times and has been constantly one step ahead. More than ever before, innovation is the key of the success of its vehicles and engines.


First petrol-driven 4-wheeler equipped with a Daimler engine


Armand Peugeot abandons steam in favour of petrol and produces Peugeot’s first petrol-driven 4-wheeler: the type 2. It is equipped with a Daimler engine.


Launch of the 201

First car to use the numbering system with a zero in the middle. It is also the first car in the world to be series-produced with independent front wheels (1931). Its success helped Peugeot weather the economic crisis.


First car with folding roof launched with the 401: Eclipse


The idea is produced on the 401, 402 and 601, then on the 206, 207, 307 and 308CC (Paulin patented system).


first production of Diesel engines in Sochaux (HL 50)


Peugeot has been commercializing Diesel engines since 1928, and now launches the HL50. It equips all its vans, then its 402 limousine. Production is stopped in 1939 (2nd World War).


The VLV, a small electrical vehicle, is rolled out


377 examples of the VLV are rolled out (Light Electrical Vehicle), as a solution to fuel restrictions. Later on, the “ELECTRICAL" 106 would hold the world sales record for zero-pollution cars.


Launch of the 403 and first collaboration with Pininfarina


The 403 is the first French car to be series-equipped with a Diesel engine and, in 1959, becomes the first car in the world to be equipped with an electromagnetic clutch fan (Peugeot patent).


204 launched


The 204 is Peugeot’s first front-wheel drive, comprising a light alloy engine with overhead camshaft, a transverse gearbox, 4 independent wheels and front disk brakes.


Launch of the world’s smallest aluminium diesel engine


In 1973, it equips the Saloon, the world’s smallest «dieselized».


HDI Diesel engines unveiled


HDI Diesel engines launched (on the 406). Peugeot’s common rail system enhances performances, reduces consumption and limits pollutant discharge.

Deployed and tested in PEUGEOT SUVs and saloons since 2013, BlueHDi technology reduces NOx emissions by up to 90% and finest particles by 99.9%. This technology, recognised as the most effective on the market in treating Diesel emissions, also minimises CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.



A world 1st with the PF (Particle Filter) on the 607.


World 1ˢᵗ with the “Full Hybrid 4” engine equipping the 3008


35% reduction in consumption, CO2 emissions (99 g) and CO2 zero-emission mode.


International Engine of the Year in the 1.0L to 1.4L categor


At the 17th and 18th editions of the International Engine of the Year Awards in Stuttgart, the jury of international journalists presented the 2015 and 2016 Engine of the Year awards in the 1.0L to 1.4L category to the 3-cylinder PureTech 1.2L turbo petrol engine developed by the PSA Group.