Spare parts


PEUGEOT SERVICE offers a number of ranges of replacement parts to suit your requirements and your budget.

Why choose original PEUGEOT parts, called MOPAR?

Only those who designed your Peugeot can make the best parts

Because the maintenance of your PEUGEOT is so important, our PEUGEOT experts are able to offer original parts that are identical to those fitted to new cars.

These parts ensure the best performance and the best value for your vehicle and your long-term safety, for driving enjoyment with total peace of mind.

By choosing original parts, you'll benefit from:

- Original quality

- Authenticity

- Peace of mind


Discover our Original services

Made in accordance with manufacturer standards, and to the same specification as parts fitted to new cars,

They are available across the PEUGEOT network, all over the world and for at least 10 years after the the final vehicle has been released.



The combination of quality, price and performance

Because your vehicle is getting older, you're always looking to find the best balance between price and performance when it comes to maintenance. Our PEUGEOT experts recommend the Eurorepar range of multi-brand parts. 25% cheaper than original parts, Eurorepar parts allow you to keep your costs down without having to compromse on quality.


By choosing Eurorepar parts, you'll benefit from:

- A quality service

- Parts guaranteed for 2 year

SUSTAINera parts from the Circular Economy

Sustainability, Affordability and Quality without any compromise.


Throughout the full vehicle life cycle (from the design/production to the end of life), we have developed a comprehensive 360-degree business aligned with the circular economy principles and based on the 4R Strategy: REMAN, REPAIR, REUSE, RECYCLE.


With 2 main objectives:

  • 1) Extend Product Lifespan (by remanufacturing, repairing, reusing)
  • 2) Return Material to the production Loop (by recycling)


In this way we limit the environmental impact by:

  • Reducing the demand of new raw materials and the use of finite natural resources
  • Reducing waste and pollution
  • Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions


Peugeot offers a range of SUSTAINera Parts & Accessories to maintain your vehicle and act on carbon footprint by reducing raw material waste. 


SUSTAINera delivers the quality and performance Peugeot owners expect, but at a competitive price compared to new genuine parts, and with a lower impact on the planet’s resources.